non-PIC ELF shared libraries (fwd)

non-PIC ELF shared libraries (fwd)

Post by Martynas Kunigeli » Fri, 14 Feb 1997 04:00:00

I've been following this thread, though I actually do not care about it --
sure shared libs must be position independent, that's just the price you
have to pay. I have a question though: is there a way to generate fully
relocatable executables (not objects as produced by ld -r!)? I mean
executables that you could relocate to arbitrary offset in the data/code
segment at loadtime? And still be able to use gdb/binutils/etc.? Is there
any BFD file format that allows this or can ELF do this somehow?
I'd be very thankful for any info!



1. non-PIC ELF shared libraries


According to the README file for

| Changes in version 1.8.3:
|       Changed to better support position-dependant
|       libraries (NIIBE Yutaka).

Before I go upgrading my kernel and, does anyone know if "better"
means that it actually works?  Some of my code runs a lot slower with
`-fpic', so I'd like to try non-PIC libraries.  Unfortunately linking
shared libraries without `-fpic' just got me segfaults with 1.7.3.


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