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I just downloaded a copy of linux-1.3.70.tar.gz and noticed some changes
in the include files particularly for tulip driver.  I am just wondering
how come Linus nver update the tulip driver to the latest one from Donald
Becker instead of making changes to the tulip driver v0.05?  The tulip
driver in linux-1.3.70 does not work on my TC5048 Ethernet Adapter/PCI
card by Thomas Conrad.  I also tried to use the de4x5 driver to no avail.

Can someone please tell me how to make either tulip or de4x5 driver to
work on my TC5048 Ethernet card?  Thanks.



1. [2.5.70][ANNOUNCE] kexec for 2.5.70 available

A patch set for kexec for 2.5.70 is now available. This patch set is
based upon the stable 2.5.{67,68,69} versions of kexec. The most recent
set of kexec patches do not yet patch cleanly into 2.5.70.

This patch was tested to work on a dual-proc P4-1.7GHz Xeon system. The
only known strangeness I have observed (YMMV) is that the VESA
framebuffer driver did not reinitialize correctly after kexec-ing a new
kernel, but the system rebooted correctly.

The stable patches for 2.5.70 are available for download from OSDL's
patch life-cycle manager (PLM ) in pieces, or as a single unified patch.

More info here:

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