Simultaneous recordng and playback on GUS 3.7 (no GUS MAX)

Simultaneous recordng and playback on GUS 3.7 (no GUS MAX)

Post by Daniel Mar » Thu, 28 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I have just configured Voxware 3.0 and I noticed there was support
for two DMA's for the GUS driver.  I would like to use a audio
conferencing application with my GUS 3.7 that needs simultaneous
sampling and playback.  Can the two DMA support in Voxware 3.0
GUS driver be used for playback and recording?

Thank you

Daniel Marks


1. GUS 3.7 mixer kernel error?

I was shuffling through te source of Hannu's sound driver 2.90-2, and found
that the Gravis Ultrasound pre-3.7 as well as the GUS MAX 's mixer have a
SOUND_MIXER_PCM device on the mixer... The 3.7 driver has code for the PCM
ioctl call, but if you call it, you get an error because the PCM device is
not on the device list (MIX_DEV) for the 3.7, but the SOUND_MIXER_CD device
is.. The SOUND_MIXER_CD device is not available on pre 3.7 GUS or GUS MAX..

Was this a mistake? Should the SOUND_MIXER_PCM device be included in the
MIX_DEVs line in sound/ics2101.c (The 3.7 mixer driver) instead of


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