System suspend and "wake-on-LAN"?

System suspend and "wake-on-LAN"?

Post by Fredrik Olausso » Fri, 12 Oct 2001 23:33:10

Hi there!

Two questions; First, is there a way I can make my Linux box "suspend"? What
I'm looking for is basically some way of putting the box in sleep mode, like
"Stand by" in windows and MacOS. I'm going to set up a router/firewall at
home, and I want it to suspend itself when it hasn't routed any traffic for,
say 30 minutes (the fan noise!!! It's driving me crazy!).

Extrapolating for this, it would naturally be very convenient if it could
"wake up" from suspend mode when there is traffic on the internal ethernet

Any ideas? Comments? Could I perhaps accomplish this programmatically, and
in that case, does any of you fine people have some pointers to where I
should be looking in terms of documentation? Any help is gratefully



1. "wake many" vs "wake one" in listen/accept

I'm trying to figure out the right way to use the "wake one" semantics
for listen/accept in 2.4.  In Apache 1.3.19 I find these comments:

/* On some architectures it's safe to do unserialized accept()s in the single
 * Listen case.  But it's never safe to do it in the case where there's
 * multiple Listen statements.  Define SINGLE_LISTEN_UNSERIALIZED_ACCEPT
 * when it's safe in the single Listen case.

Is there a problem with using "wake one" when a process has more than
one socket being listened (with non-blocking accept), or is this
something that's just a problem inside Apache?

I'm planning to implement a daemon which could benefit from "wake one"
but I want to be sure I don't "plan in" something that ends up making
this not work right.

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