Announce: lib3d-0.1.7 - Fast, Free, Cross-platform 3d

Announce: lib3d-0.1.7 - Fast, Free, Cross-platform 3d

Post by Keith Whitwel » Mon, 29 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Announcing release 0.1.7 of Lib3d, the multi-platform 3d library
currently supporting X, DOS and XFree86 DGA.  

Lib3d provides an efficient, cross-platform development environment
for interactive 3d applications.

Lib3d-0.1.7 is now available from:


Changes since the last (publicized) release:  

        - Fixes to the DOS makefile.
        - Fixes to DGA at higher bit depths.

        - Experimental DGA support under XFree86 (160k polys/second on P100)
        - Xlib interface - render into a window/widget of your choice.
        - Directory structure organization.
        - DOS port (ADevice.*) contributed by Markus Oberhumer

        - Support for mulitple pixel depth X servers, contributed by

        - Renamed .C files to .cc for dos.
        - Renamed Visual (!) and Object to avoid name clashes.
        - Changes to try to help compilation with earlier versions of g++.
        - Removed the private classes from FlatPipeline and SmoothPipeline,
          which were giving problems with even quite recent g++'s.
        - Sundry bugfixes, particularly with regards to colour ramps.
        - Fix the Pipeline pointer initialization bug in v0.1.4.

Note that if you already have version 0.1.5 or 0.1.6 and it is working
for you, there is no need to download 0.1.7.  

Title:          lib3d
Version:        0.1.7
Entered-date:   28Jul96
Description:    Fast Z-buffer + Gouraud 3D rendering library.  
                Supports X, DOS and DGA.  
                Includes multiple teapot demonstrations.

                Timings rotating a 3751 polygon teapot on a P100,
                8bpp dithered, DGA:
                        160,000 polygons/second flat shaded
                        138,000 polygons/second gouraud shaded

Keywords:       zbuffer, gouraud, render, 3d, teapot

Primary-site: /pub/Linux/libs/graphics/
                                123895 lib3d-0.1.7.tar.gz
                                625    lib3d-0.1.7.lsm
Copying-policy: LGPL

Keith Whitwell -- lib3d: Fast, Free 3d for X.


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