Kernel Change Summary 1.3.63

Kernel Change Summary 1.3.63

Post by Michael Elizabeth Chasta » Sun, 18 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Kernel Change Summary
Linux 1.3.63 (16229 lines)
Sat 17 Feb 1996

My KCS archive:

Documentation/ continuing development.
Documentation/cdrom/isp16: new doc file [Eric van der Maarel].
drivers/block/README.ide: the hdparm-2.6 package can be used to set PIO modes
    for some chipsets; recommendations to anyone who asks about NEW
    systems [Mark Lord].
drivers/block/ali14xx.c: accommodate 50 MHZ local bus [Derek Noonburg].
drivers/block/ht6560b.c: added support for PIO modes, auto-tune;
    some cleanups [Mikko Ala-Fossi].
drivers/block/ide-cd.c: check drive->id for NULL before dereferencing,
    to fix problem with "hde=cdrom" with no drive present [Mark Lord].
drivers/block/ide-tape.{h,c}: fixed pipeline read mode bug; the
    character device interface will now present a continuous view of the
    media; some improvements in error recovery; bus mastering DMA can
    now sometimes be used with IDE tape drives as well (1415 lines)
    [Gadi Oxman].
drivers/block/ide.c: #include "ide_modes.h"; fix disallow_unmask:
    now per-interface "no_unmask" bit; force io_32bit to be the same
    on drive pairs of dtc2278; improved IDE tape error handling;
    tape DMA support; bugfix in ide_do_drive_cmd() for cdroms + serialize.
drivers/block/ide_modes.h: shared data/functions for determining best
    PIO mode for an IDE drive.
drivers/block/umc8672.c: enhanced auto-tune, fix display bug.
drivers/cdrom/cdi.c: initialisation of software configurable cdrom
    interface cards [Eric van der Maarel].
drivers/cdrom/isp16.c: ISP16 cdrom detection and configuration
    [Eric van der Maarel].
drivers/cdrom/sjcd.c: removed ISP16 code from this driver; allow only
    to set io base address on command line: sjcd=<io_base>;
    changes to Documentation/cdrom/sjcd; added cleanup after any
    error in the initialisation.
drivers/char/vt.c: fix division-by-zero in KIOCSOUND.
drivers/sound/CHANGELOG: bugfixes; temporarily disabled recording with
    ESS1688/688; changed audio buffer partitioning algorithm so that it
    selects smaller fragment size; full duplex audio with MAD16+CS4231
    may work now.
drivers/sound/Readme: now a BETA test version; crashing with GUS should
    be fixed; GUS ACE; Ensoniq SoundScape & SoundScape Elite; ESS 1688
    based soundcards.
fs/dquot.c: removed race conditions in dqput(), dqget(), and iput()
    [Dmitry Gorodchanin].
fs/inode.c: removed race condition [Dmitry Gorodchanin].
fs/msdos/msdosfs_syms.c: add msdos_read_super, msdos_put_super.
kernel/ksyms.c: remove mark_buffer_uptodate.
kernel/panic.c: 'panic=n' kernel arg sleeps n seconds before panic reboot.
scripts/Configure: fix int and hex to accept arbitrary ranges
    [Aaron Ucko].

Michael Chastain


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I've compiled kernel 1.3.63,
but when i try to run it, from floppy or hard drive,
it goes berserk and in abnormal speed gives these two messages across
the screen, again and again, and again.
And again:

Warning: dev (04:c0) tty->count (2) ! =#fd's (4) in tty-open
Warning: dev (04:c0) tty->count (2) ! =#fd's (4) release_dev

What does it mean, what can i do about it?


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