Linux-PPC on Nubus Power Mac?

Linux-PPC on Nubus Power Mac?

Post by Roy Stogn » Sun, 29 Mar 1998 04:00:00

A friend of mine is running MkLinux on his old Nubus Power Mac (since
when we installed it last year, Linux-PPC only worked on PCI Power
Macs), and has had troubles with it - Hardly a week or two goes by
without a VM error, and the serial port seems to have some problems
with steady streams of data.

Looking at the changelogs, I saw something about Nubus support in the
2.1.9* kernels being added.  Does anyone have any more information or
any experience with this?  From what we could figure out the memory
problems were from a bad in-kernel device that we suspect was an
Apple addition, and we'd like to get that computer back on the regular
Linux source tree ASAP.  Will this be possible in the near future?
Roy Stogner


1. Linux on Nubus Power Mac?

Is Mklinux the only option for a Nubus Power Mac?  Specifically, I have a
7100.  I've been reading what I've been able to find on the subject and it
looks as though LinuxPPC is only runs on PCI machines and the other
flavors of Linux are for m68k machines.


Please remove NOSPAM when replying, thanks.

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