measuring interrupts time

measuring interrupts time

Post by Sebastie » Wed, 14 Jul 1999 04:00:00


Does anybody have a program to test the respose time of linux to an
 I guess that the best test would be to use a function generator to trigger
the interrupt and to make the system respond by an output voltage. Using an
oscilloscope you would be able to use measure the time shift in between the
2 signals. This time shift would be equal to the interrupts response time

I have seen some measurments but I would like to try it on my system while
adjusting a few parameters.

Thanks. Sebastien.


measuring interrupts time

Post by B. James Phillipp » Sat, 17 Jul 1999 04:00:00

> Hi,

> Does anybody have a program to test the respose time of linux to an
> interruption?

For small delays, you can usually make use of some kind of CPU timing
feature.  I know that Pentium and Alpha CPU's have such a feature, though I
don't know how to get at it in an Alpha.  For Pentiums, you can do
something like this:

static inline unsigned long rdtsc(void) {

    unsigned long time;

    asm volatile
         ".byte 0x0f; .byte 0x31"              /* Opcodes for RDTSC */
         : "=a" (time)                         /* Output - time=EAX */
         :                                     /* No inputs */
         : "eax", "edx"                        /* Clobbers */
    return time;


and then call this before and after your operation and compare the results.
I believe the measurement is in CPU cycles, so a delta of 100 on a Pentium
100 would be 1 microsecond.

# bryan at terran dot org


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