fix for HUGE SECURITY HOLE in syslog?

fix for HUGE SECURITY HOLE in syslog?

Post by Mathew G Monro » Sun, 24 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Excerpts from netnews.comp.os.linux.development.system: 23-Sep-95 fix

> Does anyone have a patch which fixes the lack of bounds checking in syslog?
> If you don't know about this problem, check out:


> thanks,

> -mark

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> Mark Saltzman

This was fixed back in may in both libc 4.7.x. and 5.x.x.



1. Huge security hole?

I am curious if this is as much of a security hole as it seems:

The situation is that several of the dorms on campus are wired for
ethernet, allowing anyone in these dorms to set up a workstation on
internet (most systems are 486's running Linux or NeXTstep). Aside from
allowing users the use of Crack, fsp, etc. for various purposes a paid and
responsible sysadmin would not allow, what could an unscrupulous owner
(i.e. root) of such a system do. Mind you, these connections mean that a
user can telnet anywhere which will accept a connection, as well as ftp and
other connections.

Any thoughts?

The overall question is, how much does security on the net depend upon the
scruples and responsibility of all sysadmins connected?


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