Where are the lastest quota/acct tools?

Where are the lastest quota/acct tools?

Post by Chris Evan » Tue, 20 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Quote:> I tried ftp.ciston.nl but I cannot get in (5 user limit!!!).

I've never seen cistron full of users apart from this once... it was due
to a bleeding edge kernel socket problem I believe. Now fixed :-)


> Anybody mirring the quota stuff? Or whereelse is it? Sunsite has ancient
> stuff as usual.



This, according to various archie searches, is the latest version.

-- Chris.


1. QUOTA - Please help, where can I find 1.32 and Acct 1.32

I cannot find the 1.32 version of quota.  I cannot even find the 1.31
anyplace (I do have it on a cd - but couldn't patch it successfully,
it had trouble compiling dquot.c (no declaration of QF_OPENING,
I checked the common FTP site at MIT, UNC etc...and they have old

Please help me either with the QF undeclared part (The patch had
trouble patching fs.h but I think I did it ok by hand.) or finding
these new versions.
Brian Kramer-Computer Science & Mathematics-Rutgers University          

SySop:NJ Computer Connection BBS (609)895-0398 - njcc.wisdom.bubble.org

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