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Hey all,

   Is there any way that you guys could do drivers for cdrom in linux
(bare.i) so that it could be mounted as other filesystems?  I would sure
like to mount this one CD as a vfat system but it won't let me.  That's
all.  If you know of any way to do this, would you please email me?


1. Hoping against hope: RH on a Toshiba 2520 CDS

Hello all,

I am the proud owner of a Toshiba Satellite 2520 CDS.  I have been all
over the site and as many others as I could find.  I know
that RH can be installed on this system, but the big issue is the modem.
I must have the modem working, as it will be my only system very soon.

The websites I've read seem to say that this machine's modem will not
work in Linux.  However, a lot of those lists are a bit old, so I'm
wondering if anyone here has ever gotten it to work on this model, or
ever heard of it working.  

I am hoping that v7.3 may have better support for these winmodems, but
would like to hear back from anyone on this group.  Otherwise I am going
to be stuck in MicroSlop land until I can scrape the dough together to
get a new computer, a prospect that has me shaking in my boots.


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