Linux C Serial Guru Needed

Linux C Serial Guru Needed

Post by Adam W. Da » Sat, 29 Apr 1995 04:00:00

For a while now, I've put my little daemon, ringd, on the back burner.
Now that I take it out again I'm having some serious problems trying to
figure out how I can make this program sit quietly in the background,
and only when dip/minicom/kermit/etc are not running have it wait for a
specific RING sequence.

I just experimented with using ttyS* instead of the traditional cua*.
For some reason my program hangs when trying to open() the device.

        if ((fd_modem = open(MODEM_DEV, O_RDONLY | O_NOCTTY)) < 0)

*yawn*  My next step will be to go out and grab getty source code and see
if that might help.

If *anyone* has any ideas/comments/whatever *please* e-mail me as well as
replying here.  I'm not too experienced doing Un*x C and could use all
the help I can get with this.

Thanks. :-)


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P.S.  My original release, which depends on an error when setting the
terminal settings on the line to detect whether the modem is in use or
not is available on

/pub/Linux/system/Network/serial (INDEX)
ringd-0.8.tgz            hangs on a modem, waiting for a ring sequence


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