Q:gcc function underscores

Q:gcc function underscores

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Is there a way to remove the spurious underscores from the compiled
version of a c program? ie sub_program -> sub_program__ or func ->
func_ so there's no name change in the compiled routine.

Specifically I'm trying to link routines compiled under gcc and g77.
There's a command line option to remove the underscores from g77
compiled functions, now I just need the equivalent under gcc.

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1. How to get rid of leading underscores in gcc 2.7.x


I'm working on a simulation program which consists of many .c as well
as .s files. The program run under Intel Pentium with linux OS.

When I tried to link the code I got a lot of link
error saying "undefined reference". I contected with the original
author and he said the program assumes that the object codes
generated by gcc will NOT have a leading underscore for each identifier.
and he told me that gcc 2.7.x can do this.

I was using gcc 2.6.x which generates the leading underscores. I then
grabed the source of the gcc 2.7.2, and compiled it. However the new
compiler still generates the underscores. I even hacked the Makefile.in
file, change the following linesi to generate a "underscore.c" file with
the content as "int prepends_underscore = 0", but the result is same.

stamp-under: $(GCC_PASSES)
        echo "int xxy_us_dummy;" >tmp-dum.c
        $(GCC_FOR_TARGET) -S tmp-dum.c
        echo '/*WARNING: This file is automatically generated!*/' >tmp-under.c
        if grep _xxy_us_dummy tmp-dum.s > /dev/null ; then \
          echo "int prepends_underscore = 0;" >>tmp-under.c; \
        else \
          echo "int prepends_underscore = 0;" >>tmp-under.c; \
        $(srcdir)/move-if-change tmp-under.c underscore.c
        -rm -f tmp-dum.c tmp-dum.s
        touch stamp-under

Can anyone help me on this? Thanks a lot.


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