Anyone ever get an MCA PS/2 Model 80 up running Linux?

Anyone ever get an MCA PS/2 Model 80 up running Linux?

Post by Robert D. Key » Fri, 25 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I am curious if anyone actually has a working distribution of Linux that
DOES install completely on an IBM PS/2 Model 80 with ESDI or SCSI disks?

I have tried everything in the MCA archives that I could find to bring up.
Alas, the Debian-1.3 suite came closest to actually working (it got as
far as partitioning and asking for the base disks, which may indicate
that it could finish coming up).  Alas, again, I could not find any
archive sites with the Debian 1.3 suite still on-line, only 2.0.
The Slackware stuff only got into the install root system, and there
are no Slackware 3.0.0 archives on-line anymore, that I could find.

I would like to come up with something that might install via floppy,
ftp, or tape --- cdrom is not available for these older machines, unless
a netboot of some kind from another unix or windoz box might be done.

1.  Anyone got a pointer to a WORKING installation suite of ANY Linux
    for a PS/2 Model 80 ESDI based machine?  (or for that matter a PS/2
    Model 80 SCSI based machine, since I run both?)

2.  Anyone got a pointer to any archives with Debian-1.3 still on-line?
    That may have the most potential, since it got the farthest on my
    particular hardware.

3.  Anyone still USING a PS/2 Model 80 Linux box, who might generate some
    boot floppy images?  Yeah, I know, it is a dinosaur, but it is a very
    rugged box.

Thanks...... someday it will work.....

Bob Keys


1. Anyone ever get an MCA PS/2 Model 80 up running NetBSD?

I was wondering if anyone ever got a PS/2 machine up and running with
NetBSD?  I noticed the PS/2 disks from the uk archives, and just tried
that.  Alas, they seemed to crash with bus errors on my MCA machine.
It did come up sufficiently to recognize the hardware and boot OK,
and then ask for the second disk (NetBSD-1.2) and then it crashed.
It would be fun to see something BSDish rather than AIX on my box,
if possible.

Any insights or pointers appreciated.


Bob Keys

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