PS/2, keyboard, tokenring

PS/2, keyboard, tokenring

Post by Juraj Pan » Sat, 04 Mar 1995 03:26:52


        We are having a weird problem with Linux on PS/2 Model 80 type
8580 - X21 S/N 55-NBB16.
We wanted to install Linux on there, but there are couple of problems.
First, we cannot boot any kernel, because it gives us "keyboard error" and
hangs when booting the kernel (just after detecting UARTs). The second
problem (we were able to boot it on PS/2 m. 70). TokenRing. Is there some
useful kernel that can be used with TokenRing? We have a SCSI disk in there.
The problem is that we can ping any servers on the tokenring, but nothing
behind the bridge to the ethernet. Why???

Thank you for reply in advance. Please reply by e-mail.

                                Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia