touch-screen device driver contract

touch-screen device driver contract

Post by Pavel Tkatchou » Thu, 24 Jul 1997 04:00:00

To whom it may concern:

Squirrel Systems of Canada Ltd., is looking for a device driver
developer to write a touch-screen device driver for it's in
house product.

Target - i486
OS - Linux/RedHat 4.1 (kernel 2.0.30)
Screen - Elo Graphics AccuTouch E274HL-683
Controller - in house made

Interested developers may contact Pavel Tkatchouk at

accepted). Please Include your salary expectations and
completion time required. Preference will be given to those
residents of the Greater Vancouver area, BC, Canada.
Sample code required.

Thank you,

Pavel Tkatchouk


1. touch-screen device<->device driver<-xinput extension-><-X client interaction?

Hi, There,

Could someone take a break for a minute, feel himself a
professor and
give me (and, possibly others interesting fellows) a short

Our in-house made pc486 touch-screen controller is attached to a
port and uses IRQ7 to notify CPU about "touch".

It will be used as input device for X windows system. The
problem is I'm UNIX
illiterate so don't have clear understanding how all these
pieces (touch-screen
controller, touch-screen device driver, kernel, touch-screen
Xinput extension,
X server, X client) communicate to each other. So far I
understood that, for example,
standard Elographics touch-screen controller (connected to
/dev/ttyS1) is actually
controlled by serial port driver, and xinput
extension is interfacing between
X server and serial driver (am I right so far?). So to get this
thing working I would have to
write parallel port device driver-IRQ7 handler, create new
special device file, say /dev/touch
pointing to entry points from device driver, somehow let kernel
know there's new driver,
somehow update relevant (what?) kernel's structures so they will
actually point to driver's entry
point according to major/minor of /dev/touch, edit xf86Elo.c to
be able to use it with our
simplified controller. Is it sounds close to the truth? If not,
could somebody tell me how
those pieces work together, pleeeese?


Pavel Tkatchouk

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