Couldn't get a free page... ?

Couldn't get a free page... ?

Post by Joseph R.M. Zbici » Sun, 30 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I'm starting my venture into reinstalling with the latest Slackware.
(Well, not the ELF-beta, but the latest non-beta release.)  As I was
FTP'ing the slakware.tar file to my machine, I got several of the
following messages on my console:

Couldn't get a free page...

I managed to locate the source of these fairly quickly:  kmalloc()
in mm/kmalloc.c.  Should I be concerned at all?  

My configuration:

16MB RAM, 34MB swap (one 16MB and one 18MB swap partition)
420MB HD, 560MB HD.
Linux 1.2.11 kernel
NE2K clone network card

If more information about kernel configuration (ie. drivers configured,
etc.) let me know.  System load at the time of this was relatively low:  
three idle shell sessions, one active telnet, and one active ftp.

Please email me if possible.  I might not have much time to visit the
newsgroups over the next couple of days.




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1. getting "Couldn't get a free page" during install


I'm getting a "couldn't get a free page" message when installing.  
This message shows on the Alt-F4 screen.  
I'm installing RedHat 4.2 from a store-bought RedHat
software package (not bundled with a "regular" book,
just 250 page guide).

The system is a 486-25 with 8MB of RAM and a
730MB Quantum SCSI-2 HDD.  The CDROM drive
is a Mountain CD7 changer (I'm only using disc
tray 1, and it accesses the drive just fine for the
install up to the point where I get the above message).
I switch to Alt-F4 to see this message after the Alt-F1
screen remains stationary for a long period of time.

The SCSI controller is an old clone (Tekram) that has
caching enabled (for some reason, I used to be able
to get into the Tekram configuration on boot-up
by pressing F2 or F6 to enable/disable disk caching
and setup other SCSI parameters, but can't now, so
I'm stuck with caching enabled on the hard disk

I get the error while installing packages during the
initial install.  At first, I selected "Everything" and had
a 95MB swap partition.  Then I tried selecting just
Emacs and NFS and using about a 140MB swap
partition.  Results were the same.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and
thanks in advance to anyone who can help!


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