cfmakeraw call

cfmakeraw call

Post by Jian Zh » Sat, 13 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Hi all

In linux there's a function called cfmakeraw, is there an equivalent call
in other systems like IRIX or Solaris??

if there are none, can someone tell me what exactly does this function
do and how I can replicate such a function?

thanks very much


p.s. this is kinda if you know any info, please reply ASAP..
     thanks again!

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1. 'cfmakeraw' library call?

I've been wanting to have 'script' on my machine for some time
and decided to snarf the sources from the 4.3bsd-reno distribution.
There were no problems except for a call to a function 'cfmakeraw'
which I have never heard of before. From it's name and where it's
called I would assume it puts a terminal in raw mode but I hate
to 'ass-u-me' anything. Has anyone heard of this function? Can
anyone confirm my assumptions?

Johannes Grosen
ISC System Administrator

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