How to link the gcc and nasm 's object file!!help!!

How to link the gcc and nasm 's object file!!help!!

Post by 陈&#2599 » Wed, 14 Aug 2002 23:26:10

I use gcc and nasm to generate 'elf' format file,and when I use ld -o
a.o b.o,it can success,but if I type './a.out' in the console,it says
'segment fault'.

So I disasm it ,and find that the 'call' address is wrong!For example
,it should 'call 0xd',but it actually 'call 0xe'.

I need to use nasm and gcc to generate relocatable object file,but I
can't use ld -r -o the generate correct binary file.Who can help me?
Thanks very much.

BTW:If I use 'gcc a.o b.o',it can work fine.But the 'gcc' can not
generate the relocatable file .


1. Linking nasm-created objects always gives me a segmentation fault


On my system (linux-2.4.7, gcc version 2.95.3, glibc-2.2.1, i686), ld
always gets a segmentation fault when linking nasm-created objects with
objects created by gcc. This has happened with *any* piece of software that
uses nasm to build some objects, and there are never problem reports of
this kind. I've used several binary distributions of nasm-0.98, compiled
nasm myself, all to no avail.  This problem exists on my system for several
years, with many different versions of gcc, glibc, linux kernel, hardware,

I just can't find what is causing this problem. I looked at strace outputs
to see if old lingering objectfiles accidentally get linked in as well, but
that doesn't seem to be the problem. Can anyone suggest a method to find
the cause of this problem? I have no experience in assembly programming,
but I think a simple testcase would be a smallest possible assembly filed
linked against a very bare piece of C code, to see if that will work.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Kind regards,
Bram Avontuur (

"What's worse; ignorance or apathy?   Who knows? who cares!"

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