Ongoing development on the DAC960 driver?

Ongoing development on the DAC960 driver?

Post by Michael Kelle » Sat, 11 Jan 2003 00:58:56


After the tragical dead of Leonard N. Zubkoff I would like to ask if
anybody has taken over his work on the DAC960 driver?

I am especially interested in the transition from the virt_to_bus
routines used in the current driver version to pci_map routines.

If somebody could provide me with good manuals about this issue, I would
even try to do this transition by myself (I am experienced as a
programmer, but I have never before worked in the kernel source).

  Michael Keller
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1. eisa mylex dac960 raid driver ?

ok, i have done a stupid thing and bought a secondhand server.  this big
box is a digital prioris hx 590dp.  it contains an adaptec 1542cf scsi
card and a digital branded mylex raid card.  as the subject indicates,
this is an eisa card.

naturally i have blown my budget buying this computer, so i don't want to
got out spending any more money.  i wish to use the raid card already in

the adaptec card drives the cd and other external cd drives.  the raid
card is driving the hotswap drive bays with two channels - drives 0 -> 2
on one and the remaining 3 -> 6 on another channel.  there is a single
2 gig drive at id 0, and a pair of 4gb drives at 1 and 3 i want to use
as a raid 0 array.  or at least this is what i have set up in the cards
non-volatile ram.

unfortunately the linux mylex drivers are for pci cards.  they do not
recognise the card in my computer.

does anyone know if there are some eisa drivers available that will get
this card going for me ?  beta or abandonded code at this stage would
even be considered...


if linux is like driving with the top down, then windows is like driving
with the wheels off.

i'd rather be using RiscOS 4.  but a reliable old a410/i will have to do.

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