Oops with linux 1.3.4x and a.out

Oops with linux 1.3.4x and a.out

Post by Andrew Kieschni » Wed, 29 Nov 1995 04:00:00

: I was playing around with Linux 1.3.4x and it appears that any program
: that is not compiled as ELF will cause a kernel oops and crash.  Elf
: stuff seems to work fine.

I haven't had this problem... And I'm running 1.3.45 now, and know that
netscape ran on all the 1.3.4x kernels I compiled...

: I'm running a slackware 3.0 ELF setup.  The programs that exhibit this
: behaviour are linuxsdoom and netscape and any other program that uses the
: a.out format, including a mud driver which, after being recompiled as
: ELF, worked perfectly.

: I couldn't seem to get ksymoops to work properly and I couldn't find the
: hex numbers in the call trace in System.map or from using nm
: vmlinux|sort|less so I'm not posting it here.  Anyway, I believe others
: have had the same problem with netscape and mosaic.

: Cheers,
: Steve.


1. HELP: Compiling Linux kernel 1.3.45 (or 1.3.4x)

Has anyone else experienced problems in compiling recent versions of
the Linux kernel?  I have followed what is written in the README in
the linux directory, in the Linux kernel-HOWTO and in the
linux/Documents directory to no avail.
Problem: the resulting zImage is far too small (14kB rather than
400kB or thereabouts) and the system halts on reboot (unable to fill
buffer).  In the hope that someone can help, I have quickly listed
the procedure for rebooting
        cd /usr/include
        rm -rf linux
        rm -rf asm
        ln -s /usr/src/linux/include/linux linux
        ln -s /usr/src/linux/include/asm-i386 asm
        cd /usr/src/linux
        make mrproper
        make config    (selecting compatible options)
        make dep ; make clean
        make zImage
The code takes approximately 20 mins to compile on a DX4-100, and
the following lines appear on the screen at the end of the compilation:
        Root device is (3, 2)
        Boot sector 512 bytes
        Setup is 2352 bytes
        System is 14kB         (I once had this at 110kB with similar performance)
        make[1]: Leaving directory '/usr/src/linuxelf-1.3.45/arch/i386/boot
I then backed up the old version of vmlinuz and copied zImage to
/vmlinuz, and then ran /sbin/lilo as per the README file which returns
        Added Linux *
        Added dos
After shutdown and reboot the following message is displayed:
        LILO  Loading Linux ..
        Uncompressing Linux ...
        unable to fill buffer
        -- System halted
According to the Linux kernel-HOWTO, if the kernel does not properly
compile (section 7.3), then either the source may be corrupt or gcc
might not be correct or might be corrupt.  I have re-loaded the source
and it has been checked against the original version - no differences
were found so I presume that the source is not in error.  I am using
gcc-2.7.0 which should be OK according to the README file in
/usr/src/linux.  Thus gcc may have been corrupted, so I reinstalled
it.  The kernel was then recompiled with the same result.  If anyone
has any idea as to what the problem might be, or if they have
experienced similar problems, then your help or suggestions will be
most welcome.

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