No way to flush rx buffer in serial driver?

No way to flush rx buffer in serial driver?

Post by Grant Edwar » Wed, 25 Jun 2003 03:27:56

I've been looking at serial driver code (2.4.18), and low level
drivers provide a way to flush the tx buffer by calling

         tty->driver.flush_buffer(tty);    // from tty_ioctl.c

but there does not seem to be a corresponding call to flush the
rx buffer.  Why not?

TCOFLUSH flushes both line-discipline and low-level driver
buffers, but TCIFLUSH only flushes line-discipline buffers.
This seems wrong...

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Hi. I have been having problems getting SLIP to work. I have tried DIP 3.3.7
and dslip 2.01, both of which have problems.

The problem with dip is that it just doesn't send any characters. If I
go to TERM mode and type stuff, nothing is transmitted. (I have a HP
protocol analyser on the line to check that) I can receive OK, but not
transmit. When I quit dip, the stuff I typed gets transmitted.

With dslip, similar problem. My expect script doesn't send the text until
it quits, which means that it doesn't see the response to what it sent.

If I run seyon or kermit, neither of these have problems.

Any clues??

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