Linux Sound Driver

Linux Sound Driver

Post by Jeffrey Harri » Sat, 14 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I need some information on the linux sound driver system.  Lately I've
been playing with kerneld's persistant data ability.  Thinking that this
ability should be exploited by the sound module (among others) I decided
to try to implement it.  The over all idea is simple call
get_persist("key",&value,size) in init_module and
set_persist("key",&value,size) in cleanup_module.  After snooping around
in the sound driver source I can't figure out how to get and set the
current volume of the sound. (I'm concentrating on getting this to work
first for the volume then I'll worry about other data which would
benefit by being persistant.)  Since my original goal was to be able to
add the persistant ability and submit it as a patch for a future kernel,
I'd like to keep the implementation sound card independent.  So anyway,
my question is this.  Can anyone tell me how to access the volume in a
card independant way. (and possibly other values that would benefit by
being persistant?  I appreciate any help you can offer.

Jeff Harris


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