would you be my friend?

would you be my friend?

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I'm 14 years old and I think I may be a gay.  I'm looking for some support and friendship
with a older male age 18-40.  Please email if you can help.


1. Friends don't let friends use Linux

: I just bought the two CD version of Linux Universe and am I ever
: disappointed! This program has more compatiblity problems than Windoze ever
: had.

I don't think so, that might be the case if you by some kind of CD with
precompiled Kernel images. Use them and make your own Kernel after installing
a system which doesn't support all the hardware you have.

I'll give you an example that what you wrote is just wrong:

I'm using a Sony IDE CDROM which is supported from actual Kernels, and this
one works better on LINUX that it ever did on Windoze, even with the buggy CMD
ide controller.


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