Any help on IP Traffic / data rate control in Linux

Any help on IP Traffic / data rate control in Linux

Post by Praveen Dula » Sun, 23 Sep 2001 05:58:10

Hi All,

I am not sure if this is the right plave to post this question. If not
please suggest me.

typical PPOE scenario, where in PC ethernet card communiocates with DSL
modem, which can only tramits at a given rate.




1. Controlling rate of tcp/ip data transmission

Not sure if this is a 'networking' question or what exactly....

I need to be able to control the 'rate' at which I send data on a slow
speed link. It's an ethernet port... but the device that is connected
is a slow speed device. I don't know of an 'offical' way to control the
rate... i'm just using socket sendto and adding a delay between packets
of data. I know that I send 'x' bytes in 'y' secods so I can come up with
my kbs transfer rate. The engineers looking at the line say that the data
is 'bursty' which it is... I've changed my code to send 1/4 the size of
the data packet with 1/4 the wait between packets. The data is less
'bursty' now.... and I'm getting about the same trasnfer rate but I've got
4x as much overhead on the control packets I'm sending...

Is there a better way to control how fast data goes over an
ethernet port than the send/wait/send/wait/send/wait approach
I've come up with?

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