2 crashes in 3 days

2 crashes in 3 days

Post by Gottfried Jaeg » Sat, 18 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Hello !

We are running 3 linux boxes here, and had uptimes of several weeks
typically.  It seems that those lucky days are gone, as we had 2
crashes this week, both on the same machine.
Machine is a Pentium 90 with 32Mb, 256k cache, a2940, 2GB quantum atlas.
kernel 1.3.22 (a.out) libs 5.0.9

the crashes left the console intact, but networking was dead.
the logs show:
Oops: 0002
EIP:    0010:0000fd12
EFLAGS: 00010293
eax: 0000fd8f   ebx: 01dea928   ecx: 54e70000   edx: 00000000
esi: 01b40c00   edi: 01dea928   ebp: 01b40c00   esp: 0182dea4
ds: 0018   es: 0018   fs: 002b   gs: 002b   ss: 0018
Process c_n.exe (pid: 32030, process nr: 31, stackpage=0182d000)
Stack: 0013cd0f 01b40c00 00000057 00000001 00000001 01dea928 01b40c00 01dea928
       00196f30 0013fb5e 01dea928 00000000 00140aa0 2e6e6508 00000088 01b40c00
       01dea928 ba308280 0018e340 01dea918 01dea914 01dea944 0000003c 00000000
Call Trace: 0013cd0f 0013fb5e 00140aa0 00139ce3 00134d26 001160c9 0010a4ed
Code: 65 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 90 e6 67 01 00 00 00 00 00 00
Aiee, killing interrupt handler


Oops: 0002
EIP:    0010:0013fc08
EFLAGS: 00010006
eax: 03400076   ebx: 001f3068   ecx: 228b0000   edx: 00000006
esi: 00e51a04   edi: 97638283   ebp: 00196f30   esp: 018c1eec
ds: 0018   es: 0018   fs: 002b   gs: 002b   ss: 0018
Process b_n.exe (pid: 24027, process nr: 30, stackpage=018c1000)
Stack: 0018e340 001f303c 001f3038 001f3068 0000003c 00000000 00006100 fffffffc
       00000001 0018d784 00196f30 001f3068 001f304c 97638283 00000014 001f3068
       00000246 00139ce3 001f3068 00196f30 00000000 300e8283 00000014 97638283
Call Trace: 00139ce3 00134d26 001160c9 0010a4ed
Code: 89 18 52 9d fb 31 c0 5b 5e 5f 5d 83 c4 34 c3 90 c6 46 30 01
Aiee, killing interrupt handler

respectively. has anyone any suggestions what this is ? faulty motherboard ?
broken memory, slow cache ?



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2 crashes in 3 days

Post by Ingo Moln » Tue, 21 Nov 1995 04:00:00

: EIP:    0010:0000fd12
: Process c_n.exe (pid: 32030, process nr: 31, stackpage=0182d000)

: EIP:    0010:0013fc08

: respectively. has anyone any suggestions what this is ? faulty motherboard ?
: broken memory, slow cache ?

first, check those EIP values in your System.map (in the kernel source tree),
it contains sorted addresses of kernel symbols. Find the function in which your
kernel crashed, and post the function name (and those dumps too, for safety)
best if you find out the exact location of the crash

since symbol addresses are dependent on your configuration, it's hard to
figure out what happened.


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A student of our faculty has had this strange problem for the third time
already (on two different machines running RH7.2 + XFree86-4.1.0-3,
one with RIVA TNT2 M64, another with RIVA 128 video card):

Running a few applications under "twm" manager (like 2 xterms, dclock,
plus some text-oriented apps inside xterm) he crashes X server exactly
on the hour (the freezed dclock shows 12:59). The system is otherwise
OK, you can log in from outside, but locally neither keyboard nor mice
work (though the mouse pointer is moving, but no menus etc). Killing X
does not help. I have even made following trick (which sometimes helps
on my Solaris Sparcstations with frozen Xwindows): logged from another
machine as root, I started X-Windows by invoking "startx". This worked
out! I.e. I got fully controllable X session, with both mouse and
keyboard. Unfortunately, after exiting X, I got the same frozen gray
screen with only the mouse pointer drawn. No way to get text console
again. Only rebooting helps.

Anu hints, ideas, help would be appreciated. Specially a way to
effectively kill such a frozen X server and regain control over keyboard
in text mode. Rebooting a machine working in LAN, with some long-running
jobs, is not a nice thing.

regards, Michal.


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