Kernel Freeze on Bootup

Kernel Freeze on Bootup

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  I'm running Win98/Red Hat 6.2 on a Pentium III/600 and a Quantom
Fireball Plus KX that runs on a Promise controller.
  A couple months ago, I downloaded 2.4.0-test9, upgraded my system as per
Documentation/Changes, recompiled, rebooted, everything ran fine. A couple
weeks later, feeling adventerous again, I upgraded to -test11. I
recompiled fine, saved my old bzImage in lilo and rebooted. This time
though, when the Kernel tries to initialize the controller card and
harddrives, it just froze. The blinking cursor stopped. Experimenting, I
found out that if I hit Crtl-alt-del pretty quickly after it stopped, I
could reboot, but if I waited too long, it wouldn't even respond to that.
  So, I figure no problem- I loaded my old image, 2.4.0-test9, went
through my confifuration. Everything seemed right: The kernel options for
my controller card were right. I tried to recompile a few times, but
nothing seemed to help. So, I just put it off for a while, figuring that
the patchlevel was bad.
  A week goes by, and I decide that typing in 'stable' was too much work
when booting, so I reversed the patches on the kernel back to test9,
reconfigure and recompile.. but suddenly, it locks up at the same place
too. That's crazy, I thought, but my stable Image still worked, so I put
it off until 2.4.0 was released, downloaded the whole thing fresh,
doublechecked Documentation/Changes, recompiled.. and I have the same
problem. Except this time, when I tried to load the stable image, /it/
froze it in the same place as the unstable ones. So I figured, maybe
my /boot partitian is full, and the kernel can only read the image up to
the middle. So I cleaned it out a little, tried again, but for nothing.
  So, any idea what's going on? I'm locked into booting Windows for the
time being, which isn't very fun. While I don't have a copy of the dmesg
on my, it goes along the lines of..

ide0 detected at xxxxx IRQ x
ide1 detected at xxxxx IRQ x
ide2 detected at xxxxx IRQ x
Next, it would normally detect hde, my linux partition.
(The Promise controller is an add-on controller. But, instead of using the
Add-on-card boot first option in the Kernel, because I'm lazy and don't
want to switch everything around in my lilo.conf and fstab files, I just
keep it as hde. hda,b,c,d are claimed by ide0, the motherboard's builtin

Any help would be appreciated.

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Check your Slackware CD-ROM.  In the kernels directory, you will see
quite a few subdirectories.  Each of those subdirectories contains the
kernel and its config file.  Compare your kernel config file with the
stock kernel config.  You probably forgot to include support for an
option which fixes some hardware bug or something along those lines.  On
my Slackware machines, the next line after the "Freeing unused kernel
memory..." is:

Adding Swap: 104416k swap-space (priority -1)

Good luck!

Linux:  If you're not careful, you might actually learn something.
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