PCMCIA problem: Device info does not match JEDEC info!

PCMCIA problem: Device info does not match JEDEC info!

Post by Calvin Cla » Tue, 16 May 1995 04:00:00

I'm using PCMCIA Card and Socket Services version 2.6.0 on Linux
kernel version 1.2.8.  The following line of code is being reached
when it hits my IBM PCMCIA Credit Card Ethernet Adapter:

modules/bulkmem.c:342:  printk("cs: Device info does not match JEDEC info!\n");

The ethernet device is not initialized successfully.  I didn't see
this problem with earlier versions of the PCMCIA support.  I noticed
that some of the cards in the simple config file had "jedec" entries,
which are not documented in the man pages.  What is the JEDEC info?

I'm about to try reverting to an older version of the PCMCIA software.
Any other suggestions?



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I would like any and all info anyone might have about compiling,
installing, configuring and using teh loopback device (for use
as mounting a file system as a file, f.x.)  In the next month I plan to
contact the authors and do a bit of experimenting myself and
plan to write a mini faq so interested individuals can set
up the lopopback  device more easily (can you say PGP filesystem? :-)

On the other hand, it might be that TCFS or CFS will cover
the area of encrypted file systems better than the loopback
solution.  See http://www.globenet.it/~ermmau/tcfs for details.

Regards (and please emailk responses, thanks)

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