problem in 2.0.36 kernel, general protection error

problem in 2.0.36 kernel, general protection error

Post by valte » Mon, 07 Dec 1998 04:00:00

i use rh5.2, after 1 h , i got a general protection error, i cannot
reboot linux for minutes, but windows reboot
i've a cyrix pr200+

other versioins of linux i've installed (up to rh 5.1) never gived


1. Apache creates Linux "general protection" kernel errors

I'm running Linux 2.0.15 and Apache 1.1.1, both of which I
compiled myself.

I've followed the Apache setup instructions diligently, and
it seems to work -- except that every http request seems to
generate kernel exceptions that appear on the console.  The
exceptions look something like:

general protection: 0000
CPU:  0
list of registers
dump of the stack
process httpd
dump of code

At least once, this caused the entire system to hang.

Has anyone heard of this, or have any ideas?

Please reply by email (thanks!)--

Ben Sussman

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