Meeting notice - Silicon Valley Entrepreneur's Connection

Meeting notice - Silicon Valley Entrepreneur's Connection

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April 10 - Caldera - The Business of Linux

SVEC wants to bring business "situations" and other needed resources into
our meetings around which our people can create alliances to form new
businesses and/or grow existing ones. We invited a presentation from
Caldera because it represents such a business situation; the company is
one of several Linux leaders.

Part of the Linux phenomenon is its alternative to Microsoft basis and
that creates a rallying point for business alliances. Additionally,
Linux's open source allows for the creation of new hardware and software
applications unconstrained by a fixed OS model.

Benoy Tamang is Caldera's VP of Marketing responsible for strategic
alliances. We asked him show us what the company visualizes as its profit
center ... its raison detre. We'd like to understand the company's roadmap
... where it plans to be in the future and how Caldera sees 3rd party help
playing into those plans. We'd like to understand what mechanisms Caldera
has in place or will have in place to assist its company partners.

The main meeting starts at 7:30PM (stragglers beware - no entry after
8PM!) and a discussion of member projects currently underway and other
issues of interest to entrepreneurs begins at 9:15PM (important business
opportunities are often discussed).  Adding to your knowledge, planning
entry into the field, beginning a new enterprise?  This is the meeting!

Note: please call or email us for directions to the meeting site (Sun
Microsystems - 901 San Antonio Rd. - Palo Alto).

That we chose to hear from a leading Linux player at this time was not an
accident. It seems clear that smart Linux operations will move swiftly and
aggressively to capitalize on Microsoft's legal problems. And we know
first hand that collaborative business alliances are very much a part of
Caldera's road map ... bring your proposals for partnering to our meeting
this Monday evening.

Mr. Tamang is flying in to Silicon Valley specifically for our meeting and
will be returning to Salt Lake City the following morning. There is an
opportunity for a few of our us to meet with him over breakfast on Tuesday
to further discuss possible business arrangements. Please contact me
immediately if you would like to so participate.

B. Mitchell Loebel
CEO, Chief Technical Officer
MultiNode Microsystems Corporation              408 732-9869

Executive Director
The PARALLEL Processing Connection              408 732-9869


1. ILA June's meeting in Silicon Valley


International Linux Association (ILA)

June 1994 Meeting

Location: IHOP International House Of Pancake
          5403 Stevens Creek Blvd., Santa Clara, CA
          (phone 408-996-3393; Next to Howard Johnson, near I-280)

Time:   7 p.m., June 20, 1994, Monday

Topic:  Starting ILA

Moderator:      Charles Liu, founder of ILA

Fee:    Free; except you pay what you eat to IHOP

Reservation: Not needed

On Site:
        1) Display/Sales of four major Linux distributions -    
                Morse Telecommunications
           Also the recent published  Linux Bible Book (800 pages)
        2) 15 copies of April/May issue of Linux Journal free for first comers.
        3) Registration for membership

Mission of ILA :
        1) Assists bringing Linux to mainstream computing
        2) Provides benefits/values to members

Future Meeting:

        July 18, 1994
        Speaker: Adam Richter, President of Yggdrasil Computing
End of Note

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