Kernel: IRQ Vector Problem in SMP

Kernel: IRQ Vector Problem in SMP

Post by Carl J. Colli » Sun, 12 Dec 1999 04:00:00

I run a 586dx gigabyte dual P200 board.
Redhat 6.1 with all updates.
When I run kernel compiles with a 'make -j 3 ....' cmd line
I get tons of
"unexpected IRQ Vector 74 on CPU #1' errors
can anyone explain this a bit more?  I am looking for any type of
feedback.  Thank you.

Carl J. Collin
Walgreen Co.


1. kernel 2.2.5, SMP and "unexpected IRQ vector 7"

Ok, here's the deal: one of the machines I work on at work (of all places)
is a Dual PPro system (we use it to run Bugzilla and as backup internal
web server for our group). It's been running stock 2.0.36 (w/ SMP turned
on) for the past couple of months w/o any trouble. A few days ago, I
decided to give 2.2.x a whirl. After compiling and installing, I rebooted
and everything looked fine until I ran dmesg which printed out:

vector 7 on CPU#0!
unexpected IRQ vector 7 on CPU#0!
(ad infentum)

When I went to look at the system (it's not in my cube), the console was a
continuous stream of "unexpected IRQ vector 7 on CPU#0!". However, this
error message is the only indication that there's some sort of problem;
everything appears to run just fine (the response time for Bugzilla has
even gone down a little bit) and 2.2.5 takes about 2/3 the time of 2.0.36
to boot.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what might be causing this? I'm kind
of tossing around the idea that it's just some sort of error in the error
detection of 2.2.x, but meanwhile, I'm back to running 2.0.36 just to be
on the safe side.

Much thanks,
Noah Romer
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