smbfs with kernel > 1.3.45 and NT server

smbfs with kernel > 1.3.45 and NT server

Post by Volker Fl?de » Thu, 15 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Hi there,

I've run upon a problem with the smbfs and just in case, someone is
interresseted in it, I describe them here:

I'm using linux in a WfW/NT-LAN with the smbfs and samba. Until now I
used the hacker-kernel 1.3.45 and had no problems related to the smbfs,
however since I upgraded to newer kernels (56..62) there are problems.
When I try to mount, I get the following message:

           smb_read_super: could not get root dir attributes

As I allready mentioned, this was not the case before. The server, that
I try to connect to is a NT server V3.51 and the resource is only
available for reading for a closed group (of course I'm in this group).
On the very same server exists another publicly accessible resource and
there are no problems for me to mount this one.

Well, when I copy all header files smb*.h and all source files in
fs/smbfs from the kernel 45 to the newer one, everything works as



1. kernel 1.3.45 and PPP --> not working :(((


yesterday, I tried to compile kernel 1.3.45. Everything seems OK, except PPP.
I compiled kernel with SLIP and PPP support (I triple check it).
When I tried to run pppd, I got the message "PPP is not on system" or

Any idea where is the problem ? When I looked on the screen, the ppp.c
module was compiled.
My last version 1.3.30 was without any problem.

Thank you for any hint



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