Increasing # of semaphores in semaphore set?

Increasing # of semaphores in semaphore set?

Post by DHods » Sat, 01 Apr 2000 04:00:00

Does anybody know if it is easy to increase the number of IPC semaphores that
can be contained within a set?

I think the limit right now is 250 semaphore per semid. Do I have to recompile
the kernel to up this number?

Thanks for any help!


1. Sys V Semaphores vs. POSIX Semaphores??

We have a need for a very "fast" hardware locking mechanisms for a high
speed OLTP system.  This mechanism must not only be very "fast" (several

thousand locks/unlocks per second), but it should be scale well.  A
typical multi-cpu machine will have about four to six processes
(multi-threaded), all accessing/setting these locks.  We're getting
conflicting stories from about which is faster, System V or POSIX
semaphores under Solaris.  If anyone has crossed this path before, I'd
appreciate any information, if benchmarks have already been done, I'd
appreciate it I can get a copy of the code used during those benchmarks.

Thanks in advance,
Roque Solis
Systems Engineer - The SABRE Group

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