Solaris PKG to RPM format

Solaris PKG to RPM format

Post by MatashM » Fri, 13 Dec 2002 22:23:02

I have a set of directories/packages which are having the files needed
for pkgproto of Solaris to use and create packages. Is there any
tool/script which can use this and generate RPM distributions.
Any help/pointers will help.



1. Two issues; pkg use and pkg format

I wrote this for a "freshmeat" forum on the software packaging
situation, but then discovered one can't post with out registering.
I don't care to do that, so maybe someone here might care to consider it.

1) I think we should divide the discussion into two clearly separate parts,
package use and package format.

1a) Thoroughly discuss what we'd like installation and deinstallation
programs to do for us. Include aspects like installing source code and
methods of automatic compilation and configuration. Discuss schemes for
improvements on the hated PATH variable and the hated Win Registry
and the hated multiple library versions problems.

1b) Then design a packaging standard that supports as many of these ideas as
feasible.  Recognize that the OS packager/distributors and others can
compete with each other over the next few years in the design and
implementation of their schemes for using these packages, but they
should all work with one package created by an application developer
using the packaging standard that is developed NOW.

2) Starting with a couple comments on package use, I think these uses should
be supported:

2a) Simple installation (ala tarballs) which don't involve
the modification of external file or databases. One should be able to
install everything into one specified directory, or to the absolute or
relative locations specified by the packager.

2b) A pie-in-the-sky idea: The installer should be able to install various
parts of a package wherever desired.  This would require that packagers
group files in several directory trees (or tag them or have a ID table),
giving each tree a named "class".  The installer could install each class
in where desired.  This would work best if the OS could make it easy to
tell software where other software is installed (other than using PATH or
relative directory assumptions).  The "class" should have several attributes,
like ( [sys-admin-exe|user-exe|etc], [sysv-runlevel-1|sysv-runlevel-2|etc],
[os-distributor-supplied|site-admin-supplied|user-supplied] ).  Then one
could, for example, do an OS upgrade and tell the system to allow
changes to only os-distributor-supplied software during the upgrade.

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