ATI Mach64 Multi_headed setup

ATI Mach64 Multi_headed setup

Post by Charles Woo » Tue, 28 Dec 1999 04:00:00

I was directed to linux through ATI Developer Relations.

They said they had no *interest* in helping me setup a multi-headed display
in dos.

Please direct to correct newsgroup if I am OOC here.

I am very familiar with the PCI bios, memory mapping, registers and so
fourth.  I've got the secondary display fired up, and I can access it.  The
problem I have is that I'm not setting the memory refresh rate properly, as
vid ram memtests fail, and there is alot of garbage on the screen.

It is my honest belief, that ATI has HIDDEN registers that stop me from
doing this.

They also said that there was developement going on in Linux for the mach64
card (3d rage pro) to be mulit-headed.

If anyone can direct me to these sources, I would greatly appreciate it.   I
already have a copy of the TRM and Reg Ref for the M64 3d rage pro.




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You should install XFree86 3.1.  Its Mono, VGA16 and SVGA servers include
(unaccelerated) support for Mach64's.  For an accelerated server, you'll
have to wait until XFree86 >=3.2.

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