Q: Using Stick parity on serial ports

Q: Using Stick parity on serial ports

Post by Geoffrey K Jacobs » Sat, 30 Mar 1996 04:00:00

We have an application where the devices we are talking to use the
parity bit for detecting an address byte on a RS485 bus.

For any message we send we want to be able to set the parity bit for
the first byte and clear for subsequent bytes.

The LCR register on the UART allows a Stick parity to be selected.
Then by enabling parity and selecting odd or even we can set the
parity bit as needed.

However (in at least Kernel 1.2.13) there does not appear to be any
command to enable Stick parity.

We want to patch termios to added this command.  Has anyone else done
this? Is there a standard name to use (eg; TIOCSSTK).  How do we go
about getting this put into the standard kernel?

Geoff Jacobsen, Trunked Network Division, Tait Electronics Ltd


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I have a modem I use to dial in and out.  It's connected to a DECstation
5000/25 running ULTRIX 4.2A.  I can succussfully dial in with no parity
by editing /etc/ttys and passing to getty a terminal type with no parity.
But, I also want no parity when I dial-out.  I always get even parity.
Any ideas?  Thanks.  I prefer an E-mail reply, I doubt that many people
would be interested anyway.



Bob Firestine

UUCP:     {amdahl,decwrl,uunet}!sjsca4!bob

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