Help with documentation to GNU Pascal gpc-2.6.3

Help with documentation to GNU Pascal gpc-2.6.3

Post by root » Thu, 02 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Hello All.

I try to write programs in GNU PASCAL (gpc-2.6.3) in Linux
and I need any documentation about GNU Pascal.
If you know where I can get any kind of information
(ftp or www sites) please give me there addresses.

Thanks in advance.

System administrator of Ivanovo State Power University
Ivanovo, Russia
Oleg E. Lapshin


1. gpc-2.0 (GNU Pascal Compiler)

Does any one has expirience in installing gpc20
on freebsd22?

All goes fine, but he (gpc) wants to know
where are the sources and object files of

Heh. I've got it. But the next problem is...
while compiling gcc (to make objects) I see
ld: -lgnumalloc: no match


But I exactly know, I REALY have
in ld search path

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance

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