Create a new filesystem

Create a new filesystem

Post by Development System Linux O » Tue, 09 May 2000 04:00:00

I am trying to create a new filesystem by doing this:
1. create a subdirectory named /newfs under /fs.
2. copy all *.c from /fs/ext2 to /fs/newfs
3. made global changes to all those occurances of ext2 to newfs,
   e.g. super.c, ialloc.c, balloc.c, trccate.c, ioctl.c, file.c,
   dir.c, symlink.c, inode.c, acl.c, fsync.c, bitmap.c, namei.c
4. use /fs/newfs/Makefile (copied from /fs/ext2) to make a new
   filesystem with a new file type (e.g. newfs)
I thought after I can get this "make" done, I then will write a
small program to call init_newfs_fs() and mount_root() in turn to see
if I can then create a new filesystem. But I got a long list of
errors saying "Dereferencing pointer to imcomplete type", these
might be the dependency problem, can someone help how to get around
with this? thanks!


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1. Creating a new filesystem in a new partition

Greetings all,

     I have 3 gigs of freespace on my 12 gig HD.  I would like to
partition this space and make it available to both my Red Hat 6.1 OS and
my Win98 OS.  Therefore, it has to be a FAT32 filesystem. I can't use
fdisk in windows to do this because it doesn't recognize linux.  In
other words, windoze fdisk shows 5 gigs of free space when this is
definately not true, linux is taking up 2 gigs. I don't want to use the
win fdisk in fear of it screwing up my linux system. Cfdisk in linux
shows the proper HD setup with the correct amount of freespace, so I
would like to use this program.  My question, however, is which type of
filesystem  should I format the drive in? doesn't seem to write
FAT32 filesystems, only FAT16 versions.  Can I choose any FAT16 version
and write that filesystem so that windoze recongnizes it, and then
reformat the partition (new win drive) into a FAT32 from inside windoze?
How should I go about accomplishing this task without screwing anything
up?  Any help is greatly appreciated.

I thank everyone who helps in advance = )

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