memprof - problem with stack trace

memprof - problem with stack trace

Post by iri » Fri, 17 May 2002 19:05:49

i have installed memprof version 0.4.1. i have problem to see the
stack trace when i get the Leak trace. all i get is (???). i'm using
linux kernel 2.4.2 (RedHat). does anyone know how to handle this



1. Problems calling a gdb stack trace from inside the program thats being traced.

I'm trying to get my C program to stack trace itself using gdb.

Upon detecting an error my program does a

system("gdb -x configfile programname programPID > outputfile");

Where the configfile contains the lines:-


Now that works fine from a bash shell but all I get when my program
hits it is a frozen program that needs a Ctrl-C.

Whats going on? Can I use this technique to stack trace my program?

It is a multi-threaded (pthreads) program, compiled using -gstabs+ in
the compile line, with gcc 3.1.

I don't want to have to write my own stack tracing routines!



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