I want my Linux on TV.

I want my Linux on TV.

Post by Charles Connol » Sat, 25 Sep 1999 04:00:00

Linux supports my video card "ATI Pro Turbo PC2TV" as long as I am using
a VGA monitor. But it will not support TV, Composite or Svideo out.

X-windows support that is.

Is anything being done to remidy this oversight ??

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-- Charles

   Linux RH5.2/6 , DOS\Win 3.1 on 200MMX c/w 32M Ram & 2 G HD.
- Charles.


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I've been getting my Linux world close to how I want it.
There are only two things left.
A really good Vmail system (ability to have Vmail boxes,
and have the system react to certain conditions [paging, or
delivering messages]).
The other thing is to have my Linux system control my
TV, VCR, CD player, etc.
Does anyone know of a solution for this?  Either one of the
motherboard based ports, or something home built (or even bought).

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