Project Manager?

Project Manager?

Post by Philippe La » Tue, 14 Jan 1997 04:00:00


I'm a Macintosh programmer, used to a tool called Metrowerks Codewarrior,
with a project manager where you simply drag'n drop the files and
libraries you want to compile. Easy.

I've been using this environment for the Mac port of an SGI program. Now I
have to start the Linux port. The project is quite big, made of around 60
source files, with many dependencies, and libraries to link. I never wrote
anything on Linux, except Hello World.

I know about some tools that exist on UNIX for managing a project, but I
don't know what I should choose. Before I spend time on this, I would like
your advice:

1) a "raw" makefile?

2) a makefile and makedepend?

3) an imakefile?

Is there eventually an X graphical program similar to the Metrowerks IDE
that would be able to generate a makefile?

In advance, thank you for your help!


P.S. I you are searching for a nice editor, similar to what can be found
on mac or windows, I suggest you have a look at NEdit, a very nice X
program. All the keyboards shortcuts are identical. The homepage of this
program can be found in this list: