Need USED 860 / 8260 development board plus add-ons

Need USED 860 / 8260 development board plus add-ons

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I am looking for 860/8260 development board with any of
(T1/Ethernet/Serial/OC-3) interfaces for exploring some ideas at home.  My
last employer just went Ch-11 so my budget is limited. I am also looking for
used/surplus/dust-covered equipment to go with it (breakout boards,
de*s, power supply, test equipment).

Leads to where I can find them would be appreciated as well (I already tried


1. booting Bluecat3.0 Linux on SBC 8260 board

I am trying to boot Bluecat3.0 linux on SBC8260 boards. I had to change
polled serial driver of Bluecat as SMC1 port is used for console. My next
problem is : unzipping of  the kernel fails after kernel relocates itself
and tries to decompress. Any clue, what is going wrong ?
I created the kernel by first making a clean build , make a compressed .elf
kernel , combine it with a default.rfs file using "mkboot" command to
generate a .kdi file. It seems, the VISiONWARE loader fails to find the
kernel entry point intothis kdi file altogether.

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