Trantor T130B status ?

Trantor T130B status ?

Post by Karl-Olov Serrand » Sat, 04 Mar 1995 18:42:24

What is the current status of Trantor T130B driver ?
Is it in current kernel, or is there a patch somewhere ?

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Trantor T130B status ?

Post by Fred R. Goldste » Wed, 08 Mar 1995 21:13:58

>Subject: Trantor T130B status ?
>Date: Fri, 3 Mar 1995 09:42:24 GMT
>What is the current status of Trantor T130B driver ?
>Is it in current kernel, or is there a patch somewhere ?

I'm not sure if it's included in the kernel or just as a patch kit, but
I have installed it (on 1.1.74 using a patch kit from sunsite).  It's
the NCR 53C400.  Without the patch, you can still use it as a 53C80,
noting that you add 8 to its real address before telling LILO where
to look (e.g., tell LILO it's at 0x358 when it's really at 0x350).
The patch adds some additional capabilities, not just an address fix.

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