Lost console mode cursor - how to recover

Lost console mode cursor - how to recover

Post by Mike Kenne » Wed, 14 Jul 1999 04:00:00

I lost the console mode cursor (fast blinking underline) after
exiting dosemu (dos app).  Rebooting gets it back but this is
not good.

All the howto/faq talk about mouse cursor, fonts, X cursors.
Anyone know how to get the cursor in console mode?



1. Lost Cursor in console mode - how to recover

In console mode the standard blinking underline cursor was lost
after exiting dosemu (funny app).  I need to get it back. How?

Rebooting works of course but surely there is another way.  All
the howto/faq seem to talk about fonts, mouse cursors or X. I
need the console mode cursor.


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