Driver integration

Driver integration

Post by M. Bhaska » Wed, 15 Oct 1997 04:00:00

I am trying to inject some errors in the wavelan driver code
(kernel 2.0.30) for performance measurements. Consequentially, I have to
frequently change and test the driver code on a wireless lan environment.
I suppose the normal procedure is to make a copy of the pcmcia src
directory, work under the new dir, rebuild the kernel, install the kernel
and reboot the machine...though I am not very sure about the last step.
Please advise if there is a shorter and more elegant way to test driver
code on a frequent basis, particularly during such a development phase.

PS: The wavelan driver is a kernel loadable module.

I expect to later on modify parts of the tcp code. Since this is going to
be part of the kernel, what are the normal precautions I should take and
what is the procedure for integration in this case? Please point to
relevant documentation if possible.

Thanks a lot!!