ioctl to USB under 2.2.18

ioctl to USB under 2.2.18

Post by Martin Gallig » Fri, 25 May 2001 04:00:07

I'm trying to do an ioctl to a USB device, under RedHat, (a 2.2.18 kernel with
the devices built in).  The open call (fd = open( "/dev/usblp0", O_RDWR );)
works fine, but I can't even figure out from any HOWTO or man page, what possible
args to put in the ioctl:
  retval = ioctl( fd, SIOCGIFMAP);

Initially, I'd like to requests PNP Id's from everything on the USB bus.



1. fix a bug in ioctl(CDROMREADAUDIO) in cdrom.c in 2.2.18

Using ioctl(CDROMREADAUDIO) with nframes argument being larger than 8 and
not divisible by 8 causes kernel to read and return more audio data than
was requested. This is bad since it clobbers up processes memory
(I noticed this when my patched cdparanoia segfaulted).

This _might_ also have a security impact, since it could be used to
overwrite memory which the user should not have write access with
cdrom audio data. (_might_ since I do not know the exact semantics of
__copy_to_user() and I am too lazy to check them out. The attacker needs
access to cdrom device with audio cdrom in drive, preferably with a
custom made audio cd).

I have not checked if the same bug is also present in 2.4 kernels.

If you have any comments, please Cc: them to me, since I am not present in
the list.

Here is a trivial patch against drivers/cdrom/cdrom.c of kernel 2.2.18:

--- cdrom.c.orig        Wed Mar 14 13:15:13 2001

                        ra.buf += (CD_FRAMESIZE_RAW * frames);
                        ra.nframes -= frames;
                        lba += frames;
+                       if (frames>ra.nframes) frames=ra.nframes;
                return ret;

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