Looking for LINUX 2.0.27 kernel and source code ...

Looking for LINUX 2.0.27 kernel and source code ...

Post by Zafer Kad » Sat, 20 Sep 1997 04:00:00


I am trying to find out a way of installing LINUX 2.0.27 on my computer.

Any pointer where I can find the source code for that version.

Is there a way to use higher (2.0.30) compiler and degrade it to
version 2.0.27 .  

Thank You!

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1. looking for OS kernel source code listing for Intel 486

[This posting is for a friend who has no access to netnews.

    I am looking for source code of a OS kernel for the Intel 486 to
    understand how it handles interrupts, how it sets up the very low
    level stuffs like IDT, GDT, LDT.  I would prefer the source code in
    Intel 386/486 Assembly language but if you have the source code in C
    than it's OK too.  I need the kernel that handles all the interrupts
    in protected mode directly without making calls to BIOS.

Since I don't have access to netnews, please reply to me as follows:

Thanks a bunch.

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