Where can I find libX11.sa for libX11.so.6.0??

Where can I find libX11.sa for libX11.so.6.0??

Post by Vanc » Tue, 25 Apr 1995 04:00:00

I managed to delete libX11.a and libX11.sa for libX11.so.6.0 and
can't remember where I got those files.  Need help!



1. libX11.sa or libX11.a

what is the difference between libX11.sa and libX11.a ? I seem
need libX11.a to compile a Xwin application package. But in
/usr/X11/lib I only have libX11.a. any help is appreciated.
I am using slakware 2.2.0, kernel 1.2.13 with xfree86 3.2.1.


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