kerneld and 1.3.3x?

kerneld and 1.3.3x?

Post by Jauder » Thu, 16 Nov 1995 04:00:00

        has anyone gotten kerneld to work with the later 1.3.x kernels
let's say 1.3.30? if so, please mail me how you did it. I am having
trouble getting it to work. Thanks!

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1. docs for SVR4 form(3x), menu(3x), and panel(3x)

Hi all!

As mentioned in the subject line, I'm looking for documentation on
the three curses add-on packages under SVR4 called forms(3x),
menus(3x), and panels(3x).  Under AmigaUnix I've got a minimal set of
man pages that describe the prototypes for the functions but no
examples or overall conceptual guideline.

I'd prefer some form of on-line docs, but I'm not against going into
BookStop and looking for hardcopy (in fact, I'll do that later today).

Thanks for the help.
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