select_table and wait.h

select_table and wait.h

Post by Bill Anderso » Thu, 28 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Ok, so I have a few users here that have some old code that uses
select_table from wait.h.
Now they are being upgraded to 2.2.0 on their workstations, and this
code no longer compiles.

After searching, and searching and..... anyway. I have been able to find
references to a change being made regarding this but have not found
anything really hellpful to them. Any pointers on where to go to find
out how they can 'fix' their code.


Bill Anderson
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1. select_table (wait.h) only defined in KERNEL ?

Hi !

I found that the struct "select_table" in wait.h will only get defined
when __KERNEL__ is defined.
But it is used in the prototype for select() in fs.h and net.h, which will
be used even when __KERNEL__ is not defined.   :-(


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